Class RW

May 22

Back to blogging

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Hello everyone 
Sorry for the lack of blogs thes past half term, we’ve  had some issues with our blogs but I’m happy to say normal service has been resumed! 
Thank you to all the grown ups that came to watch our class assembly last Friday, the children worked so hard to put on a brilliant show. I think they should be on the stage when they’re older! 
This week is our last week before our last half term holiday of the year, remember to be on time at five to nine.

Miss Weszka 

Mar 01

Rocket Writing 

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Feb 03

The Breakfast Club 

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After the roaring success of last weeks ‘porridge friday’ we decided to have a new breakfast this week.

We took a vote and decided on cereal, a choice between Cheerios and Wheatabix.
Everyone really enjoyed their breakfast and having a chat with their friends!
Miss Weszka and Miss Manders are really hoping the children would like bacon butties next week! 

Jan 31

Tuesday is PE day 

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Every Tuesday morning this half term we have been going to the hall to do some PE. Mr Hibbard comes in to do lots of fun games and exercises with us.

We have a little competition to see who can get their shoes and socks back on the quickest at the end of our session. So far the girls are winning 4-0!!! Come on boys, try having a practise at home this week! 

Jan 31

Porridge Friday!!

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Last Friday we had so much fun, after reading our goldilocks story we decided to make porridge!
I am so proud of everyone, great team work to make such yummy porridge! 

Dec 01

Being number jacks 

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Nov 29

Yesterday some children wanted to play schools! We decided to teach our friends some numbers and took it in turn to sit on Miss Weszka’s chair and be the teacher!

Miss Weszka is very impressed and can already spot some brilliant teachers of the future (she’s also happy to leave certain children in charge if she ever has a day off ill!)

Nov 23

Superhero Smoothies

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Today we made our very own superhero smoothies. We used blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes and bananas. Watch our video to see how super we really are.



Nov 21


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This week we are turning ourselves into superheroes. Miss Weszka read us a story called “Supertato” all about a super potato that has to stop an evil pea from terrorising a supermarket! (We found it very funny!)

Today we have made our very own supertato characters with real vegetables, made and laminated ourselves into superheroes and even found an evil pea in our classroom!!

Who knows that tomorrow will bring ……

Nov 21

Today we went to our first whole school assembl. Mr Toyne told us all about his weekend, going to see the Wales vs Japan rugby match. We very much enjoyed seeing Mr Toyne in his bobble hat!