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Nov 15

This week we are learning to be great friends. This afternoon we are making friendship bracelets for our friends. Everyone is feeling very happy this afternoon in RW

Oct 26

Beacon Fell

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Throughout the year all our reception children will be taking turns to go to Beacon Fell!

Today Miss Weszka, Miss Cylde, Miss Fielden and 10 lucky children got to go first.

We had an amazing day, climbing to the top of a mountain, having a picnic and plenty of fun!

Oct 19

Yesterday we visited our allotment in small groups with Miss Weszka. We said hello to the chickens and fed them some leaves, we counted the eggs and had a smell of some herbs.

Oct 18

We have been playing a number game in our class today which is easy to play at home! All you need are some plastic cups, and some objects to fit in them. A grown up will need to write a number in each cup from 1-10, then you will need to fill up each cup with the correct number of objects.

Comment below if you try this at home

Oct 18

This week we have been finding out about lots of different jobs we could have when we are big grown ups!

Oct 13

Oct 13

Today we made pictures using a hole punch, pipe cleaners and pens. It was very tricky work, first we had to punch holes all around our card, next we had to weave our pipe cleaners in and out of the holes. Finally we had to write our name and daw a picture on the front. Miss Weszka is very impressed with RW this morning, that was very tricky work!

Oct 10

Oct 06

Oct 03